One smart port.
For everything.

A single controllable port for everything: charging devices, video conferencing, communication, image and film handling, even lighting. Plug the cable into the Ochno Smart Port and you’re good to go. Brilliant right?!

End your cable mess.

We’re collaborating with some of the biggest names in design to bring Ochno technology to your new office furniture. Instead of annoying, fiddly holes, gaps and cable trays you get clean, stylish solutions with smart controllable Ochno sockets. 

You can also install Ochno in your existing workspace.

Business Partners

Ochno for smart Pod and Silent Rooms

Ochno has smart technical solutions for Pods and Silent Rooms

Meeting room solutions

Meet without tech hurdles.

Meetings could be so much more efficient and intuitive if it weren’t so time consuming to share screens and connect to them in the first place. 

Ochno Power Conference has solved all these hassles and more. Everyone in the room can share screens and connect to any online meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, Hangout…) in seconds. Just push the button and the floor is yours.

World unique image switch

Easy videoconferencing

Democratic technology

Superspeed charging is included

Workplace solutions

One workplace. One smart port.

Ochno will help you create a sustainable, productive working environment. With only one smart port that connects anything, you’ll eliminate tech stress and glitches. And using the Ochno service platform you can automatically monitor and analyse occupancy, light conditions and climate inside your spaces. A smart port with its own smart service platform gives you a new level of control.

Clean desk

Clean, free and stylish, Ochno will hide the tech stuff under the table. Only the stylish smart ports will decorate your table. Choose pre-integrated directly from well-known furniture brands or integrate on your existing surfaces.

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Individual settings.

Ochno can enable booking and check-in services and even customise your choice of light settings or desk height.

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No more docking stations.

All devices can independent of brand dock and get superspeed charging in one smart port.

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Ochno Operated

Total control with Ochno service platform.

Ochno Operated is our user friendly cloud service where you easily can measure, steer and optimise occupancy, the work environment, and power consumption in your workspace. It’s a platform that streamlines the way you manage your workplace and helps to create a work environment optimised for those who use it.

Measure occupancy

You can easily see what spaces are used or not - minute by minute.

Adapt your work environment

You see air quality temperature, sound and light conditions - and can adapt individually.

Optimise energy.

You see where, when and how the office use energy - and can optimise through automation.

Integrate freely.

Open APIs enable you to integrate with your exisiting systems of choice for example booking or automation.

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