One smart port.
For everything.

A single controllable port for everything: charging devices, video conferencing, communication, image and film handling, even lighting. Plug the cable into the Ochno Smart Port and you’re good to go. Brilliant right?!

Put an end to your cable mess.

Ochno creates the userfriendly meeting room and videoconferencing that always works. Suits both new and existing meeting rooms. Using USB-C technology, you only need one cable to connect and everything works automatically.

The product Ochno Power Conference 3 and the service platform Ochno Operated is the solution.



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Ochnos products are available through all major leading IT- and AV-integrators in Sweden and a few chosen in the Nordics.  


Here you find reference cases, software and technical documentation.

Meet without tech hurdles.

Meetings could be so much more efficient and intuitive if it weren’t so time consuming to share screens and connect to them in the first place. 

Ochno Power Conference has solved all these hassles and more. Everyone in the room can share screens and connect to any online meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, Hangout…) in seconds. Just push the button and the floor is yours.

World unique image switch

Easy videoconferencing

Democratic technology

Superspeed charging is included

For all needs.

Ochno Power Conference has 4 USB-C ports, each one providing:

World unique switching function is embedded

Ochno Power Conference has an embedded switching function that is world unique that makes it easy to lead which outlet drives the meeting. You choose one of four outlets that will connect BYOD (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and show video and USB communication for in-room devices. Ochno Power Conference connects the TV or projector of the room via HDMI and devices such as camera, speakers and microphone are connected via USB-A port. 

The choice of which outlet will drive the meeting is enabled automatically or via a button. Either pressing a button or last connected device is the signal for choosing which outlet will drive the meeting. When the choice is made all equipment in the room will follow the device and the online meeting can proceed from the laptop, tablet or smartphone. All other outlets continue to speed charge all other connected devices without any disruption.

Videoconferencing and charging for everyone around the table.

Traditional solutions with USB-C, you only get one short USB-C cable. It means that you must use a special assigned seat to lead the meeting. 

Using Ochno Power Conference, everyone around the table can get easy access to a USB-C connection for charging, showing video and leading a videioconference.

One table can get up to 16 USB-C ports by daisy chaining several Ochno Power Conferences. 

Charging for everyone, no more seeking power outlets to charge your laptop or mobile phone.


Suits all tables

Ochno provides different accessories to fit integration on table tops and adapt to interior design choice of the office.

You can choose between pull out cables or integrated aluminum ports.

Pull out cables you can choose white or black color. The solution is with or without a LED button to choose and indicate active port. 

If you have a Bachmann, you can choose to upgrade your unit with pull out and an integrated button.

Ochno USB-C cables are provided up to 3m in length.

Works with all laptops

To secure USB-C connectivity, Ochno continuously test and validate with new and legacy laptops from all major manufacturers.

For legacy laptops that do not have USB-C port or does not support USB-C for video, Ochno has developed a unique adapter with HDMI plus USB-A that will solve their connectivity.

In case some laptops should encounter connectivity issues due to firmware update it can be solved by downloading new software to the Ochno Power Conference. It can be made automatically through the service platform Ochno Operated.


Switch between fixed videoconference and own laptop

No need to compromise. For meeting rooms where you want to provide both a dedicated videoconferencing solution and at the same time enable bring your own device connectivity, it's easy to install and use with Ochno Power Conference. You simply allocate one of the USB-C ports to the dedicated equipment in the room and at the same time the other ports will be available for all bring your own devices.

If no external device is connected or chosen, the fixed video conferencing system automatically connects to TV, webcam, speakers and mic. If a user wants to lead the meeting from their laptop they only need to press the button and all functionality in the conference room will switch to the laptop.

To lead a videoconference or meeting from your own laptop (instead of a dedicated in-room system) is often called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Manage all devices easily

Ochno Power Conference can connect to the cloud service Ochno Operated which empowers your meeting room.

The service platform Ochno Operated can be reached by connecting Ochno Power Conference to internet through Wifi or fixed Ethernet. Can be used through mobile application or webportal.

Ochno Operated is an add on service ordered separately.

Works with all devices

Ochno Power Conference use the standards USB and HDMI to connect all devices in meeting rooms.

Maximum video resolution is 4k @ 60Hz and support HDMI CEC to start TV units automatically.

You can use both USB2 (480Mb/s) and USB 3.1 (5Gbps/s) to connect cameras, speakers and microphones.

A complete solution may involve great many components and cabling, then it is important to consider correct lengths of cables, power and standards. To help the system designer and installation company, Ochno provide guidelines on important aspects when building solutions with manufacturers such as Logitech, Poly and ASUS.


Read more about Ochno products and download more information.

Buy here

Ochnos products are available through all major leading IT- and AV-integrators in Sweden and a few chosen in the Nordics.  


Here you find reference cases, software and technical documentation.

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