Clean desktop.
Clean landscape.

The truly flexible workplace.

Whether you’re activity based, use fixed work stations or flexible workplaces, the advantages of Ochno remain the same. One smart port for anything you need, connecting everything. You will always have the choice of individual settings, whichever spot you use. Just plug into the smart port and Ochno knows how you want to get things done.

One smart port. For everything.

Clean desk

Clean, free and stylish, Ochno will hide the tech stuff under the table. Only the stylish smart ports will decorate your table. Choose pre-integrated directly from well-known furniture brands or integrate on your existing surfaces.

One smart port. For everything.

Ochno smart ports doesn’t just dock your laptop and smart phones, it will also take tabletop lamps, screen and sensors on your work och conference desk.

Universal - All brands and platforms.

Ochno docks anything and everything. Giving the freedom to choose work tools independent of brand.

Super-speed charging.

Up to 100W charging for all mobiles and laptops – meaning you can leave those bulky chargers at home.

Universal adapter

Ochno Universal Adapter will support all legacy laptops via HDMI and USB-A.

Individual settings.

Ochno can enable booking and check-in services and even customise your choice of light settings or desk height.

Design-driven integration.

We work with some of Sweden’s best furniture designers and suppliers to harmonise design and tech.

Retro-fits into existing interior design.

Just bought new desks? No worries, Ochno can be retro-fitted easily.

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