Configurations and settings

Standard configuration

Ochno Power Conference is connected to screen or projector via HDMI and to USB equipment via USB-A port, markt USB Pass-Trough. If LED buttons are used, these are connected to the port marked LED Switch.

The USB-C ports can then be connected to a number of different devices and cables depending on which connection types are needed.

Ochno Socket: USB-C socket with 1 meter cable that is integrated into the table top. The socket is available with and without an integrated button. The function of the button is programmable. It can be used to select the active port and to indicate which port is active for displaying the video.

Pull-out cables: 2 meter long USB-C cables that can be routed through a suitable cable entry. As an option, there are 3 meter long USB-C cables with a built-in amplifier for larger meeting room tables.

Adapter: To enable older computers to connect, there is an adapter with USB-A and HDMI connectors. The USB-A connector needs to be used if the connecting device wants to access the video conferencing equipment. No drivers are required for this to work.

Wireless base-station: If you also want support for wireless video and video conferencing, you can connect the system's base station to an available USB-C port and use the HDMI + USB-A adapter if needed. 

PC: In many conference rooms you want a fixed PC so that you do not have to bring a laptop. Mouse and keyboard can be connected via Ochno Power Conference and thus also become available for connected laptops when activated.

Ochno Management Console

To take advantage of all the possibilities with Ochno Power Conference, it is recommended that you use the Ochno Management Console. This software allow you to optimize the functionality for the specific installation and ensure a user-friendly experience.

When the program is installed and started, you connect the computer to USB-C port 4 and hold the system button on the back of the device for 3 seconds. This will start the management function in the device and you can start administering the device.

Further instructions can be found further down the page.


Ochno Power Conference can automatically switch active port when connecting a device to a USB-C port.

This function is switched on or off via the setting Auto Switch.

When Auto Switch is active, Default Port controls which port that activates when a device is removed from the currently active port.

When Auto Switch is inactive, Default Port only controls which port is active when the unit is started.

None means that no port is active.

Microsoft Teams Room Integration

Ochno Power Conference can be used to enable flexible BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality in an MTR (Microsoft Teams Room) installation.

With the function MTR Ingest switched on, the shift function is changed so that the unit can be in two different modes:

MTR-Mode: The meeting is run from the MTR device and connected devices that are connected via the 3 USB-C ports share their image in the meeting.

BYOD-Mode: The meeting is run from one of the connected devices. All USB equipment such as cameras and speakers are switched to the connected device.

You switch between MTR and BYOD mode using LED-button or from external signal.

MTR Port is configured to the port connected to the MTR PC. The LED button associated with that port is used to switch between MTR and BYOD mode.

Auto Switch can be on or off for the other 3 ports as usual.

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