Ochno Socket

Ochno Socket

The elegantly designed USB-C table socket enables hiding the technology under the table and minimize cables. The four different surface finish in scratch free hard anodized aluminum offers optimal design combinations when selecting material for the tables.

Ochno Socket support charging up to 5A/100 USB 3.1 communication and video (alt-mode DisplayPort) together with Ochno Power Conference and Ochno Power Desktop. Possible to use with third party USB-C chargers as well. Not guaranteed to work with third party docking stations.

Available with 1 m connecting cable for docking and 2 to 3 m for only charging.

Installed easily through a 18 mm hole.




Product code Function Surface Cable length
O-DO-100-2 Full docking Aluminum 1 meter
O-DO-100-K-2 Full docking Copper 1 meter
O-DO-100-S-2 Full docking Black anodized 1 meter
O-DO-100-M-2 Full docking Brass anodized 1 meter
O-DO-200-2 Only charging Aluminum 2 meter
O-DO-200-K-2 Only charging Copper 2 meter
O-DO-200-S-2 Only charging Black anodized 2 meter
O-DO-200-M-2 Only charging Brass anodized 2 meter
O-DO-300-2 Only charging Aluminum 3 meter
O-DO-300-K-2 Only charging Copper 3 meter
O-DO-300-S-2 Only charging Black anodized 3 meter
O-DO-300-M-2 Only charging Brass anodized 3 meter



Product name: Ochno Socket

Product code: O-DO-[Length]-[Surface]-[Version]

Content: Socket, installation instruction

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions: 145 x 130 x 33 mm

Weight: 90g

Certificates: CE, RoHS



Hole: 18 mm 

Max thickness of table top: 33 mm


Full docking: 5A/100W charging, USB 3.1 communication, Alt-mode DisplayPort 1.2-1.4 video when used together with Ochno main units and cables. No guaranteed functionality when used with third party docking stations. Docking station with DisplayLink is supported. Docking via Thunderbolt is not supported. Only charging is supported for third party products.

Only charging: Supports 5A/100W charging if the used USB-C cable support the same. Together with Ochno main units 5A/100W is guaranteed even with the 3 m option. Using third party charger with 3 m cable there is the risk of too low voltage so that the connected laptop will not accept charging in 5A.


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