Videoconferencing for everyone. Quite simple.

Take the lead in your meeting.

A few smart ports with pushbuttons in a conference table will change how a modern meeting is led. 

Ochno’s world unique solution means, the last attendee pushing their button is leading the meeting. Everything connected such as speaker, mic, webcam will follow seamlessly. No more changing HDMI or VGA cables between computers or other tech hurdles to tackle before continuing the video conference. 

Leaving you to focus on the subject meeting, presentation and the goals of the meeting.

World unique image switch

Simply connect your laptop and start your meeting or video conference for presentation mode. It couldn’t be easier.

Easy videoconferencing

Your laptop will not only show image but will also connect to camera, speaker and mic. Using one cable only!

Democratic technology

Ochno Universal Adapter is made for you who does not have USB-C. Connect via HDMI and USB-A instead!

Superspeed charging is included

In the Ochno Socket you will never run out of power. Everyone gets charging for free while connected.

Solve all your needs.

Ochno Power Conference has 4 USB-C ports, each one providing:

World unique switching function is embedded

Ochno Power Conference has an embedded switching function that is world unique that makes it easy to lead which outlet drives the meeting. You choose one of four outlets that connect bring your own device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and distribute image and USB communication to the equipment available in the room. The Power Conference connect the TV or projector of the room via HDMI 2.0 and USB devices such as camera, speaker and mic via USB-A port. 

The choice of which outlet will drive the meeting is enabled automatically or via a button. Either pressing a button or last connected device is the signal for choosing which outlet will drive the meeting. When the choice is made all equipment in the room will follow the device and the online meeting can proceed from the laptop, tablet or smartphone. All other outlets continue to speed charge all other connected devices without any disruption.

All types of videoconferencing.

The reality we live in today, videoconferencing is now an integrated part of working life. And most employees are now comfortable starting and joining online meetings from their laptop and mobiles.

Companies prefer different suppliers and platforms for videoconferencing. Today, major part of the communication internally both within the companies and between companies, B2B is online. It is crucial that the technology in meeting rooms are simple to use, independent of what platform or system they have chosen. 

Ochno Power Conference provide easy to use connection for the end user by connecting their laptop to the technology. It works, does not matter if it is an internal online meeting or an invitation from customer/vendor with different system or online platform.

The best of two worlds.

No need to compromise. For meeting rooms where you want to provide both a dedicated videoconferencing solution and at the same time enable bring your own device connectivity, it's easy to install and use . You simply allocate one of the USB-C ports to the dedicated equipment in the room and at the same time the other ports will be available for all bring your own devices.

If no external device is connected or chosen, the fixed videconferencing system automatically connects to TV, webcam, speakers and mic. When a user want to drive the meeting from its own device, they simply press a button or if automatic switching is chosen, it will automatically connect when they connect through one of the other ports.

For all users.

It's a challenge to find a solution for meeting rooms that works with all types of laptops, tablets and mobiles. Now another need is added, to also connect the videoconferencing equipment to the laptops. This further increase the complexity.

One way of minimize risk of problem is to choose a technology without driver downloads. It's especially crucial in rooms with many visitors. 

Ochno provides a smart solution for all types of laptops, tablets and mobiles through the insight of using a universal standard. Ochno has developed a meeting solution for everything needed in a meeting; charging, video, USB communication built on the universal standard USB-C. No drivers needed, plug and play as all devices use the same language.

Ochno values sustainability, also older laptops without USB-C can use the system by easy upgrade through the Ochno HDMI adapter. If you want to use videoconferencing, the connection is then enabled through a combined USB-A and HDMI adapter.

As Ochno Power Conference has four switchable ports, you can add on more connections, for example wireless connections.

Don't compromise, combine it all


If you have different views of things in the company, the choice is simple. Ochno solves all wishes and demands very easily by integrating every will through Ochno Power Conference. Integration is implented easily and every user experience their own choice.

One example is according to above picture and below choices how to connect to the equipment in the room. The user choose their own preference how to connect, Ochno take care of the rest.

For meeting rooms that already have any of the above equipment can upgrade and clean up the installation mess on the table by using Ochno Power Conference. It will contribute to more value offering user friendly installation and meeting experience.

Elegant integration.

Ochno collaborated with some of Sweden’s best furniture designers and manufacturers in order to secure a harmony of technology and design.

Ochno provide both USB-C ports integrated in tables or fixed installation with retractable USB-C cables.

Ochno USB-C outlets are designed in aluminum with own choice of scratch free, anodized finish in black, brass, copper or plain aluminum.

If the choice is fixed cables, Ochno provide 2 m USB-C cables that handle 5 A / 100 W charging and max speed. Ochno cables are always fixed with special fixing screws attached to Ochno Power Conference for a stable installation. 

Smart office.

Ochno Power Conference can connect to the cloud service Ochno Operated which empowers your meeting room.

Access to the cloud service Ochno Operated is reached through internet connection with the Power Conference unit, either through WIFI or fixed ethernet. User interface is possible both via mobile application and web portal.

Design your optimal meeting room

Ochno Power Conference together with some accessories meet every need of the meeting rooms and its unique requirements.

The four powerful USB-C ports is the base of this flexibility and there are options in following areas.

  1. Connect laptop and mobiles via socket or cable
  2. Various methods to choose active input
  3. Different alternatives to support both new and legacy laptops
  4. Integration of other sources

Ochno provides validated solutions for communication with TV and all USB videoconferecing devices.

1. Connection choice

USB-C Sockets

Ochnos unique USB-C outlets make it possible to integrate technology in a stylish way in meeting rooms. The outlets are available in four different finish, all in hard anodized aluminum.

For videconferencing solution the Ochno Socket LED is recommended. It is an outlet with integrated selector with LED indication.

The cable that is integrated in the Ochno outlets are available in various lengths. The outlets that are used for image and communication are 1 m long. The outlets used for charging only are available up to 3 m.

USB-C Cables

Ochno provide several choices of suitable USB-C cables to connect between outlet and laptop. All Ochno USB-C cables are designed for 5 A / 100 W power supply,, USB 3.1 communication and Alt Mode DisplayPort 1.2 - 1.4 video transfer. It does not support Thunderbolt.

For cables that connect directly to Ochno Power Conference is recommended to be the ones with a locking screw. It will secure a stable installation and avoid glitch or break when frequently used.

For cables connected into a table surface, an angled USB-C cable should be preferred.

Ochno Socket

Ochno Socket LED

Pull out cable

2. Input selector

Different options of input selectors make it possible to tailor your system for all needs. Therefore Ochno Power Conference make it possible to use different methods to steer which port and function should be active. It is made possible automatic or manually, it is your choice.

Automatic input selector can be configured to work in different ways. One position offer image and all equipment in the room to the one who first connects in one of the ports. Another position is that the latest person to connect to any of the ports will have the control of the equipment.

Manual switching can be made using Ochno Socket LED, then the one who press their button will have the control. Another manual option is to have a separate fixed cable from each port with a separate button switch accessory that is connected to USB-A port in the rear of the Ochno Power Conference.

How to steer the meeting can be combined for the best and simplest experience for the user. If more than two outlets are available, it is recommended to choose manual input selector. Manual option is also recommended for combining fixed systems, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms and "Bring Your Own Device", where input selector can be used to switch between the two options.

Support for external steering, both via IP and via RS232 communication will be launched during 2021.

Product overview  

Product code Function Surface Cable length Datasheet
O-PC-LS-1 4 LED-buttons for integration in 8 mm hole. Black plastic, green LED 1.5 meter Datasheet
O-SBC-200-1 Adapter to steer up to 4 USB-C outlets with integrated button 1.5 meter Datasheet

3. Adapters

Ochno provide different type of adapters to enable older type of laptops to use Ochno systems.


This type of adapter is used to handle image and sound between a device that is used and the videoconferencing system. This will also suit anyone who wish to use an older laptop without USB-C to show image on a separate screen, but no other devices can be connected.

The HDMI is connected to the laptop and then a USB-C cable is used to connect to the videoconferencing system.


Besides sound and image this adapter will also enable access to all other equipment, such as videocamera and mic. It is possible through an integrated USB-A cable. This is the option for anyone who wants a full-fledged experience even if you lack USB-C in your laptop.

Both HDMI and USB-A are connected to your laptop. By using only one USB-C cable, all equipment for videoconferencing is then available through your laptop.

The adapters can be connected to a pull out USB-C cable or connect directly to the Ochno Power Conference and separate HDMI and USB-A cables pulled out for convenience the users .

Product overview  

Product code Function Surface Cable length Datasheet
O-HDMI-TO-USBC-1 Adapter HDMI-in to USB-C out. To show image from laptop that lack USB-C port. White and aluminum - Datasheet
O-HDMI-TO-USBC-2 Adapter HDMI-in + USB-A to USB-C out. Videoconferencing from laptop that lack USB-C port. White and aluminum 0.2 meter Datasheet

4. Additional sources

It is not only lapton, tablets and mobiles that can connect to Ochno Power Conference. In more advanced meeting rooms it is easy to integrate several systems and get an even more professional experience.

To have a fixed PC in a meeting room can be practical and make the room accessible for everyone. Mouse and keyboard can be connected via Ochno Power Conference. Also bring your devices will have access to mouse and keyboard when connected to the system. Examples of suitable small computers with USB-C connection are Lenovo Nano, Intel NUC and HP Slice.

Ochno Power Conference make it possible to switch very easily between a fixed computer and bring your own device, to drive the online meeting. Different system solutions are available depending on needs and which online platform is chosen, why Ochno is determined to fulfil any choice.

There are different standards and products available for wireless video and USB-transmission for meeting rooms. There is both OS embedded technology such as AirPlay, Miracast and dongle-/app-based like Barco or Wolfvision. All have their pros and cons. Ochno Power Conference offers independency for the long run and can connect any chosen base station to one of its empty USB-C ports. Together with auto-switch functionality anyone can reach a seamless experience of using both wired and wirless connections.

If there should be a need for more than four USB-C ports, several Ochno Power Conference units can be connected together in so called daisy-chain topologies. The switching between any ports in these types of installations are made in a seamless way, bringing board rooms and auditoriums to the future.


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