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Head of IoT and AI platforms

Ochno’s cloud service Ochno Operated is the heart of the smart power and communication infrastructure for buildings made by Ochno and based on the USB-C standard. It manages the data collection and control of all the connected devices in our system. A few examples of its capabilities are: real time analysis of buildings, such as workplace usage or environmental quality, dynamic control and automation of lighting, viewing historical energy usage and optimize electricity usage for a lower CO2 impact.

In this key position you will be in charge of the design and development of Ochno’s IoT and AI platform, which is the central part of our technical platform. As Ochno expands you will be given the opportunity to lead your own team focused on creating better solutions for the future. You will collaborate closely with our front-end developers on one end and hardware team on the other, building the bridge from the system’s data to availability in an api.

Your background should include development of distributed systems and working with real time data on a big scale. Ochno Operated is currently based on Amazon Web Services IoT infrastructure and relies on the MQTT protocol. This enables a rapid and secure global expansion of our services. Any experience in these technologies, or other competing cloud platforms are interesting. You should enjoy working in Java or Node.js and have a will and passion to learn more.

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Andreas Groth,, +46 736 87 84 55

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