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At Ochno we are reshaping the way the connected world looks and feels. Our vision removes the clutter and complexity of today’s technology and offers plug and play benefits for everything. By building on cutting edge technology we are creating a new, yet familiar, experience unlike any other. Workplaces instantly up and running as soon you put a single cable into your computer or phone, lighting dynamically adapting throughout the day, and real time data streams painting pictures you have never seen before.

Utilizing the capabilities of the USB-C protocol we are innovating an infrastructure that not only powers your devices with everything they need, it also allows for control with incredible precision, a versatile platform to boost security and has substantial environmental benefits.

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At the heart of Ochno is a team determined to change the world. Every single member is crucial and while our wide range of expertises vary remarkably, it is the drive to challenge and surpass ourselves that unites us. We are well aware that our ambition is set high, but as you come to know us you will understand why. In a short time span we have received a lot of attention in both Sweden and Europe. With multiple flagship installations at the biggest and most forward thinking property owners in Sweden we are ramping up our efforts quickly.

As an employee at Ochno you love what you are doing and you have the opportunity to solve difficult and rewarding problems. We motivate each other with both positive comments and constructive feedback. Channeling new and old knowledge you believe we can achieve something great together, and have a lot of fun along the way. And if you happen to really like popcorn you are in good company.

Olof Ermis


Rayhan Ermis

Chairman of the Board

Andreas Groth

Key Account Manager

Mats Belin

Business Development

Erik Anderberg

Lead Software Developer

Carolina Ekström

Graphic Design

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Ochno was founded by Rayhan and Olof Ermis, who envisioned a much simpler and more versatile connected future. Today they have been joined by a team of dedicated shareholders and have set out to disrupt the current landscape of solutions. We are happy to invite new employees on our voyage and offer both the possibility to become a shareholder and a favorable options program that will make sure that you benefit from the commercial successes of our company.

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