Ochno technology supported by Swedish Energy Agency

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Ochno sister company Cloud Socket has been awarded a grant of 1 MSEK to develop and demonstrate a smart DC power infrastructure based on the USB-C standard. The solution is partly built on Ochno’s underlying technologies.

Summary of the project

The project Cloud Socket is based on the hypothesis that the new USB-C standard is particularly well suited to in a standardized way allow a smart grid to monitor and control electrical loads and charging and discharging of batteries. To allow a central function to monitor and control power delivery to units and batteries is a key function to implement a stable and flexible grid. Since the USB-C standard will get a massive adoption for power delivery and charging of electronics, such a solution would be able to control a substantial part of the power consumption in the national grid, approximately between 10%-30% of the total power consumption in residential buildings and offices. The project runs over 12 months and is executed by the newly founded company Cloud Socket AB. It will develop a complete solution with the aim of being able to produce exact measurements of the gains, demonstrate the benefits for the relevant actors and also lay the foundation for new Swedish export industry.

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