Daisy-chain configuration


To ensure that everyone around the table have easy access to a USB-C connection, Ochno Power Conference supports daisy-chain configurations to cover larger tables.

Up to 16 USB-C connections are supported, either using pull-out cables, Ochno LED Socket or combinations of those.

Below is a an overview of the topology, installation and configuration guide.



The interconnect between two Ochno Power Conference units is done using a HDMI-adapter and a special daisy-chain adapters. The HDMI-adapter is used to connect the HDMI output and USB-A pass-through to the USB-C input of the downstream Power Conference unit.

The daisy-chain adapter is used to synchronize the switching between the different Power Conference units.


When onnecting more than one Ochno Power Conference together the same down stream adapter is used.

When using the daisy-chain adapter, ensure that the USB-C Port number is the same as the number indicated on the daisy-chain adapter:

The daisy-chain adapter supports both manual switching and auto-switch. However, it does not support MTR / BYOD switching configurations.

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