Ochno LED Socket Installation


The Ochno Socket and Ochno LED Socket are mounted through a simple hole in the table. The drill size is between 18mm to 20mm. There is an enlarged top part that is 18.3mm wide to ensure that the socket cuts into the surface material to simplify the fixation of the nut. However, in hard table surfaces and with CNC-made holes, it is recommended to use 18.5mm-19mm hole size instead. It is possible to use up to 20mm hole size.

Max table thickness to be able to use the nut correctly is 30mm.


When installing 4 Ochno LED Sockets normally no system configuration is needed. Default configuration is BYOM-mode only and no auto-switch so the buttons on the Ochno LED Sockets are used to switch active port.

The Ochno LED Socket has a 4-pin connector that is used to control the LED-button. This 4-pin connector is connected with one of the 4-pin connectors of the O-SBC-200-1. There is a port number indication on the O-SBC-200-1.

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