Design solutions for tech problems.

One socket for everything.


Turn any surface into a workstation.

Screen Sharing

Seamlessly switch between presenters, with the click of a button.

Video Conference

Connect AV equipment with a single cable – start your meeting without any frustration.

No new devices or desks needed.

No need for new laptops for everyone. USB-C, the new industry standard port, is our port of choice for all our products. Additionally, we offer adapters for those with older devices. So, instead of upgrading everything, simply upgrade your AV system with Ochno.

A seamless upgrade. Ochno’s design solutions make your current setup work better than ever.

The USB–C socket is easily installed in tables and desks of all shapes, sizes and materials.

Everything you need to make your office into a place that just works.

USB-C sockets, Power Conference hardware, cables and beyond. Find the right products for your needs.

Ochno Operated is our cloud-based service platform. Features cloud fleet management, integration with MTR (Microsoft Teams Room), device monitoring/alarms and room analytics.

Ochno Power Conference 3 offers a unique solution with one hardware for all rooms, featuring 4 ports, each supporting video and charging. Connected to the cloud via Ochno Operated, it ensures seamless integration and management.