Ochno Office Installations: Seamless Integration at Vectura


At Ochno, we’re redefining how workspaces function with our cutting-edge tech solutions. Our latest project with Vectura Fastigheter in Stockholm showcases how seamlessly our products integrate into modern office environments. 

In collaboration with Adestia, we’ve turned Vectura’s office into a tech-powered, efficient workspace.

The Small Meeting Room

In Vectura’s small meeting room, our retractable Ochno cables are integrated into a sleek, light wood table. With these cables, connecting your device means instant access to all room technology: TV, microphone, and camera—plus, your connected device charges automatically. The room, draped in soft blue textiles, offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Easy to operate, gets conversations and presentations started quickly. The focus isn’t on the technology – screen, camera, and sound turn on instantly. Super great!

Quick Collabs: The Standing Table Setup

For those spontaneous brainstorming sessions, Vectura’s standing table setup is ideal. Equipped with Ochno Power Conference, users can connect their laptops to the adjacent large screen effortlessly. This setup, makes quick meetings and presentations easy and seamless.

The advantage of the solutions is all the external people who come here and can use the technology directly without assistance from us.

Large Meeting Table

In Vectura’s expansive kitchen, a long table with 14 chairs is paired with a large screen and podium table. Our Ochno Power Conference system ensures seamless presentations and screen sharing. This setup not only looks good but also works efficiently, embodying the future of workplace tech.

Overall, we are satisfied, especially with the user-friendly solutions. They are easy to use. You just need to plug in the computer cable, and then everything works.

Why Ochno?

Vectura Properties chose Ochno for our unparalleled ability to integrate tech into their elegant office design. Our solutions ensure that every meeting room is equipped for easy screen sharing, BYOD functionality, and device charging — all through a single, sleek cable.

Ready to revolutionize your workspace? Discover Ochno’s seamless tech solutions today.