Manage your hubs with Ochno Management Console

Your Ochno main unit can be configured to function perfectly in a variety of environment. Using Ochno Management Console you can change the settings that applies to your situation. By connecting your device to the Internet you unlock the ability to make these changes remotely.

Update firmware

Keep your units up-to-date to take advantage of new features, security and performance updates.

Control switching behaviour

Your unit is capable of reacting when devices are plugged in and out and can automatically switch active socket depending on your situation. Create the meeting room that fits your every need.

Microsoft Teams Room

Ochno solves all things technical when you want to combine a built-in video conference with bring-your-own-device. One press of a button is all that is needed.


Getting started

Ochno Management Console allows you to configure an Ochno main unit by connecting it to a computer using an USB-C cable.

Start the app and follow the instructions on the screen to connect your unit. Information and settings available will be shown on screen once you are connected.

When you have made your changes, press Apply at the bottom of the view to save the settings to the hub.

To get the most out of Ochno you are recommended to create an Ochno Operated account and make sure that you keep your devices, and the Management Console, up-to-date.

OMC example

Connect the hub to the Internet

Your unit can be connected to the Internet with either a network cable or using WiFi.

  • Select Ethernet to use a network cable.
  • Select WiFi and input your settings for the wireless connection to use WiFi.


Press Apply when you are done with your changes.

The Connection status will update when your unit can access the Internet. Connection status.

OMC network settings


If your computer is not able to identify the Ochno Power Conference 3 it may be due to missing a driver. Follow these steps to investigate if that is your case:

  1. Follow the “Getting started”-guide above – if your hub is not discovered, close Ochno Management Console.
  2. On your computed, press the windows key.
  3. With the start menu open, type “Device manager” and open the app.
  4. In the Device manager, check for an error in an FTDI device, or similar.
  5. If you find an error, install the following driver: Download
    1. Alternative: Open the following link and download the “Windows (desktop) – Comments – setup executable”.
  6. Run the driver executable.
  7. Verify in the Device Manager that the error has disappeared.
  8. Repeat the “Getting started”-guide above.