Ochno Operated

Full control of specific workstations, the whole working environment or entire buildings.

Ochno Operated is our user friendly cloud service where you easily can measure, steer and optimise occupancy, the work environment, and power consumption in your workspace. It’s a platform that streamlines the way you manage your workplace and helps to create a work environment optimised for those who use it.

Control the whole office.

Ochno Operated gives you full control of your work environment. We develop new services continuously which are available as soon as they are released for all existing licensed customers.


Measure occupancy and the working environment including light and temperature, air quality and power consumption. For specific work areas or your entire workspace.


Use live data to optimise occupancy and efficiency at your workspace.


Steer your business towards higher sustainability scores by optimising utilisation, work environment and power consumption.


Ochno Operated will help you optimise power consumption by automatically shutting down IT devices in ‘idle mode’, lighting and other connected devices when not in use.


By measuring occupancy for each workplace, you will have fact based visual of how the workspace is used and can adjust accordingly for an optimised utilisation.


Using connected lighting you can also easily optimise the lights according to human centric needs for each workplace.


The fact that you can analyse the work environment right down to an individual workplace, you have the possibility to optimise according to time of season, time of day, occupancy and personal settings.

Open for developers.

Ochno Operated is open through documented APIs for integration with external systems and services.

Update your furniture, continuously.

Ochno Operated lets your furniture to stay up to date, with new functionality continuously added through its software license.

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