When to create a new Account or Space

This best practice guide outlines recommended ways to setup Accounts and Spaces in Ochno Operated. It describes different scenarios to give you the best road to success. If you do not have an Ochno Operated login, sign up here: https://operated.ochno.com In-house installation and management You are setting up an installation for one company that will […]

Release Notes

Ochno Power Conference 3 1.6.3 (Februari 6, 2024) Changed: USB2 protocol is forced on when admin mode is active – otherwise OMC may not find hub.This impacts USB functionality on other ports. When testing system, do not keep admin mode on. Improved: Channel selection for WiFi connections. Improved: IoT messaging about hub state and updates. […]

Firmware updates

Ochno hubs can use Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updating to get the latest version available for a product. A new firmware may contain one or many of: new features, security patches, performance improvements, compatibility fixes. It is recommended to use the latest available version. In order to update a hub you will need an Ochno Operated […]

Microsoft 365 Integration Guide

Create an Azure Integration Step 1 Navigate to the Azure portal and go to Azure Active Directory. Step 2 In Azure Active Directory, go to App registrations. Step 3 Click on “New registration.” Step 4 Fill in the name -> check “Single tenant” -> Register. Step 5 On the App page, navigate to “Authentication.” Step […]


In Ochno Operated licenses are used to gain access to specific features. There are different types of licenses, but they fall into one of two categories: Floating license – This type function as a pool of licenses and they can be applied and moved from one place to another. Permanent license – This type can […]

Configuring communication settings

A unique feature in Ochno hubs is the ability to control the flow of communication setup, the initial handshaking, between the device and the connected screen and USB peripherals. In most cases the standard Ochno settings will work out of the box. If you experience monitors not being found by your computer, or cameras not […]

Configuring an MTR

Integrating video conference room hardware in your Ochno installation can be done easily using our MTR profiles. These settings work well with Microsoft Teams Rooms, but you may also be able to use other vendors where the hardware has a similar function. When you have configured MTR settings the Ochno hub changes between being in […]

Configuring switching behaviour

The Ochno Power Conference allows multiple ways to configure both automatic switching and manual switching using buttons. On this page we will look into the different settings and show examples of how to use them. You can change the settings by registering your hub in Ochno Operated, or locally using the latest version of Ochno […]


Manage your hubs with Ochno Management Console Your Ochno main unit can be configured to function perfectly in a variety of environment. Using Ochno Management Console you can change the settings that applies to your situation. By connecting your device to the Internet you unlock the ability to make these changes remotely. Update firmware Keep […]

Registering a hub

Every Ochno hub has the ability to connect to the cloud platform Ochno Operated and managed online for free. With an Ochno Operated Account you organize all your hubs in one place and manage firmware update, settings changes and more. You can access your hubs using a browser on any platform, from anywhere. This guide […]